New Industrial Car Carrier Trucks for Sale In Ellicott City and Howard County, MD

When you are in need of a new industrial car carrier truck, the professionals at West End Service are here to provide top-notch service and sales to find the best truck to fit your needs.

Our business has been around since 1928, so we have decades of experience and knowledge in the tow truck business.

Having provided services, sales, and parts for decades, we can give you any information you need on our Peterbilt industrial carriers and our Freightliner industrial carriers.

Browse our selection of industrial car carrier trucks online, or contact us today to inquire about what our inventory can do for your business. We are here to help keep you towing and keep you moving, even with the largest jobs.

Peterbilt Industrial Carriers to Tackle Heavy Tow Jobs

Not every tow job is a small one, and so not every tow truck can handle the load. That’s why West End Service provides new industrial car carrier trucks for sale, so you can handle the toughest job without any issues.

Located in Ellicott City, MD, our family is now in its third generation of providing industrial car carrier trucks to our neighbours and local communities. We have built a business that drivers and business owners can put their faith in, no matter what they need.

We provide Peterbilt industrial carriers, Freightliner industrial carriers, parts, services, and much more.

West End Service is an authorized distributor for Miller Industries Towing. We bring to you certified parts, sales, and services from trusted makes and models that you are looking for.

Talk to us today about your industrial car carrier truck needs or if you have any questions about our current inventory.

With our knowledge and decades of experience, we can provide recommendations for the jobs you handle the most, so you can get the most out of your industrial car carrier truck without any doubts.