Benefits of Buying a Used Tow Truck vs. a New Tow Truck

Used Tow Truck v/s New Tow Truck

There’s no denying the fact that buying a new truck is a big thrill — that fresh “new car” smell, the latest technology, updated features, and pristine condition right from the get-go. It can be very tempting when you are in the market for a new tow truck that you would go right to a brand new model. A truck that no one has driven before, that is solely yours, is an empowering feeling, and you may want nothing else for your towing company than a brand new heavy wrecker or snatch truck right off the lot.

But there are plenty of reasons why a used tow truck is just as good as a new tow truck for your company’s investment. It may be a matter of personal choice, preferring a brand new vehicle over a used vehicle, but it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each before deciding what you will be solely in the market for. While purchasing a new tow truck is a huge status symbol, consider the benefits of shopping for a used tow truck for your company instead.

Here are a few benefits that can come from buying a used truck instead of a new truck.

Used Tow Trucks are Proven on the Road

Used trucks at west end serviceOftentimes, new trucks are connected to the idea of reliability, and only new trucks. However, the benefit to a used truck is that it has already been tested and proven reliable on the road. Although used trucks may have needed some tune-ups and had parts replaced, they’ve also been driven and been shown to have the craftsmanship to be up to the job.

New trucks, although not yet used or worn down, can be a risky investment in some cases, especially if the company has used new technology or mechanical approaches. When you’re towing a heavy load, you want to know you have the equipment that has been proven before and can handle the job safely. With the proper inspection before purchase, a used tow truck can be a better investment than a new tow truck that doesn’t have a reputation behind it.

New Tow Trucks Aren’t Broken In and May Lack Comfort

International Truck Parts dealerComfort is key with any vehicle purchase, and your company’s tow truck is no different. A new truck may be untouched by anyone else, but that also means it has not yet been broken in. New tow trucks will be stiff, may lack proper back support, and will be an uncomfortable ride for the first weeks if not months.

A used truck, by comparison, will have been broken in by a previous driver, so there is no period of having to adjust and re-adjust your driving position. Previous drivers may have also added updates to make the ride smoother and more comfortable for those long jobs — small purchases you can save on versus investing in a new tow truck.

Used Tow Trucks Can Offer Huge Savings

Used Tow Truck vs. a New Tow TruckThere’s no doubt that tow trucks come with a hefty price tag, especially when considering an investment in a heavy wrecker or snatch truck. This is where test-driving a used tow truck can be a huge benefit over a new tow truck. With proper upkeep and maintenance, buying a used tow truck is not all that different from having invested in a new tow truck.

This can definitely be the route to go when starting up a business since the investment in a fleet of new tow trucks can come with a hefty price tag. Don’t be afraid to lower your budget and consider used tow trucks, instead. Buying used when it comes to any truck is a way to ensure that you’re getting a reliable vehicle and that you’re keeping your costs at an affordable level. Remember, you can always buy used now, save up your profits, and invest in a new model at a later date for your next heavy wrecker.

Used Snatch Trucks Have Often Been Refitted for Greater Efficiency

repo truck for sale at west end serviceSnatch trucks usually come with standard equipment and are factory models that will be built to specific industry standards. A used vehicle may have the benefit of having been refitted with something that works better for the job, is more efficient, and far exceeds the settings it was initially made with.

This is a touchy situation when talking about these types of trucks since it pays to be picky when looking at such vehicles in order to make certain that you’re buying the right one for your needs. A good truck will have been cared for and maintained even if it’s been refitted with new parts and modifications that weren’t standard for the model. Check to see what changes, if any, a seller has made to the vehicle. You can even shop around for specific used tow trucks that already have the parts swapped out for that you’re interested in, lowering the time and money you wo犀利士
uld spend doing the retrofitting yourself.

Don’t Let a New Truck’s Cosmetic Appeal Lull You — Function Over Form is Vital

When it comes down to what will work for your company, go for function over form. You want a truck that will serve you in the best possible way, and used vehicles have the advantage of having been through a bit by the time you get to them. New vehicles still have to be broken in, and may incur costly repairs due to new mechanical systems. Remember to look past cosmetic appearances and approach the truck with function in mind — cosmetic updates are easy and fairly inexpensive, and can be well worth it for a truck that has been proven, updated, and is guaranteed by the seller.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, getting what you need is all about what’s going to work when it comes to a truck and your business goals. Function over form is the way to go, but if you can get both, or want both, then make the best-informed decision possible that stays within budget and isn’t just a splurge purchase.

A new tow truck is not your only option when buying for your company, so be sure to shop around. Used tow trucks, snatch trucks, and heavy wreckers may have been retrofitted to better suit your needs, have a history you can peruse and confirm, and are already broken in for comfort, plus their costs will make your budget goals more obtainable. Be reasonable, be firm, and be ready to shop!

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